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About Our Leaders

Woodlands is led by a team of elders, some of which are staff members. More information on the current elders can be found below.

Church Office:
Phone: 01332-551336


David Ashman | Elder | |
David joined the church in 2005 and is from Australia. He is a head of faculty at a large secondary school in Derby.  He is married to Julie and they have 3 school-age children.
George Case | Elder | |
In the 1980s George Case and his wife Ros moved from Somerset to Derbyshire in connection with George's employment.
Jon Butler | Elder | |
Jon is married to Liz and has two sons. They’ve been a part of Woodlands since 2003 and he joined the eldership in 2013.  Jon is a partner in a company of lawyers in the city.
Mark Loweth | Elder | |
Mark and his wife Pam were mission partners sent out by Woodlands to Central Asia until 2011.  Mark joined the eldership in 2013 and together he and Pam lead a 2:42 group.
Nick Roberts | Elder | |
Steve Adam | Elder | |
Steve and his wife Jenny joined Woodlands in 1999 when work with Rolls Royce brought him to the city.


Oli Ward | Full-time Elder | |
After finishing his training in Scotland, Oli was called to Devon to be the Pastor of a small independent Baptist Church. In September 2019 
Tim Gunn | Pastor | |
Tim and his wife Philippa joined Woodlands in the late 1980s and has been a full-time pastor with the church since 1991. They have 3 grown-up children and 3 grandchildren.
Warrick Martin | Full time Church Leader | |
Warrick leads the Woodlands PM congregation, 4pm on Sundays.