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What We Believe

We don't think of Christianity as a religion, but as a relationship between ourselves and God. It's an opportunity to live the life God meant us to have - a fulfilled life.

We appreciate that we come from a wide variety of cultures and worldviews. And we all have a unique set of experiences - both good and bad. So when we think about God we come with different questions and doubts. That's fine. No matter what your background is, we desire to see all people develop a closer walk with Jesus.

If you want to find out more about Christianity then you might be interested in attending a short course which we run where you can find out more in a friendly atmostphere. The course is called "Christianity Explored".

Or, if you'd just like to call in to see what we do and have a chat, please come along. We try our best to be welcoming!

For those seeking a more formal doctrinal statement for the church please click here.